eBike Adventure Erissos – Level 1 Easy

Departure from Fiskardo main square (Car park ) at 9/10am , or when you prefer.

Easy ride of 10 minutes for 1,8 km . At the first stop It’s possible to have an amazing snorkeling in the Emblisi beach, this bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia ,with turquoise shallow water, starfish and the lot of sealife .Put your mask on and explore the wild nature.
We go ahead for an another 2,7 km ( take around 20 minutes) for to have a look to the the Church of Anastaseos , in Russian Ortodox style , with bells that were built in Russia.

Pedaling for 10 minutes ( 1,5 km) we reach Battaria, where you can see the historical remains of the Second World War.

After an historical visit it is time to relax in a wonderful beach, Alaties, that you can easily reach after 45 min of cycling, but it is really not to be missed.
From Alaties, pedaling again for 20 minutes, you will reach an another amazing beach, called Jerousalem. Here you can relax by taking a comfortable sunbed and take a bath before starting again the historical tour …

From Jerusalem beach you must take the road already done and go ahead to Antipata, pedaling for about 45 minutes you will find the church of Agios Spryridon, one of the most beautiful of Erissos. After take the path on the right of the church, enjoy the wild nature untill you will find on your left the Throne of the Bronze Age … at this point it will be time to return to Fiskardo!

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eBike Adventure Assos – Level 2 Medium

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eBike Adventure Wild Nature – Level 3 Advance

Departure from Fiskardo main square at 9/10am , or when you prefer , easy ride of 20 minutes for almost 5 km . At the first stop It’s possible to have an amazing snorkeling in the Dolika Bay, have you ever a seen a ship wreck? There it’s possible !! sunbathe, snorkeling and relax for around an one hour and after ready to go !

We go ahead for an another km ( take around 5 minutes) for tho have a look to the totally beauty of the Ithaca channel and the  small island of Daskalio ( Mentioned in Homer’s Odysseybook ) . You are on the village called Evretì, completely rebuilt after the big earthquake of the 1953 . Pedaling up to the hill ,with the big help of the Yamaha engine ,you will find amazing ruins of the old Kefalonia .

Now the real Indiana Jones has to come out ! Ready for the adventure? there are about 2 km of dirt road that will permit to you to reach the amazing beach of Kamini.

This one is reachable by sea or by bike.

Snorkeling there it’s fantastic, starfish, octopus,sea urchins, many types of fish …  many things to see. If you decide to have a picnic lunch there it’s fantastic, you can eat and relax yourself under the shade of one tree . If you like you can choose the excursion with lunch included in one of ours affiliated restaurant.

Leaving the beach of kamini you will discover why you really need an eBike …

At the top of the hill you can decide to reach Fiskardo on the same path of before or have the lunch on one of our affiliated restaurants, going to them for to recharge your energy .

On the link below it’s possible to consult the Itinerary on google maps with all the info and suggestions that you need. Available the printed version.

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