“The right way to discover the Island of Kefalonia”


The Ionian and eBike was born during the Autumn of 2017.

We live in Fiskardo since 4 years now, we have another business, the “Ionian Discoveries”

We had this idea after that we realized how amazing is this place, but we realized as well how tough is pedaling up on the hill with a normal Bike.

The drop of the island make hiking on foot or with normal bikes very difficult, so we decided to invest in the eBike in order that you can explore without getting tired and enjoy this great beauty that the island offers.

Fabio during the summer is the skipper and the main guide of the Ionian Discoveries, during the winter he’s a ski instructor for the New Generation ski school, in the famous ski resort of Morzine on the French Alps.

Claudia is the chef of the Ionian discoveries and now also for the Ionian eBike, she also manages the bookings of the two companies.

During the winter she follows in Italy cooking courses to get better and better.

Fabio and Claudia have been married 2 years ago but they live together since the 2003.

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